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Brokat Films are the painter and 3D designer Sasa Lubińska (she/her) and the curator, new media artist Joanna Pawlowska (they/them). Artists are working in the fields of digital art, new media and performance art. 

Duo is exploring the relationship between text, digital representation and visual art. 

In a playful and humoresque way, artists are researching dynamics between gender presentation and aspects of human biology in the digital world. Equipped with cameras, 3D programs and glitter, artists annex DIY aesthetics, clichés and narrations present in the culture of the Internet. In the process of embracing the whimsical intersection of art and technology, artists often integrate their own bodies and intimate experiences into their projects.

In 2021 they created an interactive new media project that included a computer game called Planet Brokat. Artworks were a part of the group exhibition showing a series of works inspired by feminist science fiction titled “Yes, a falling tree makes a sound (and it has a lot to say)” at Kling og Bang.

In 2023, together with the artist Elísabet Birta Sveinsdóttir, they created the video work "On Earth", which was part of the “Earthly treasures” exhibition during Hamraborg Festival. 


In January 2024 they opened their solo exhibition “Horseplay” at Gallery Kannski in Reykjavik. 

Joanna and Sasa's artistic partnership was born from a friendship kindled in 2016 and since then they were actively showing their works both in Iceland and Poland.


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